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International Perspective

PropertyBrochures.com.au History

PropertyBrochures.com.au was launched in 2001 by the parent company Excel (Australasia) Pty. Ltd. which began in 1990 by the Williams family in the UK.

In 1997 the company made the decision to return to Australia while keeping its ties in Britain, bringing the best operational features/systems and adapting these processes to the Australian market. From here PropertyBrochures.com.au was created to fulfil the changing requirements and demands of the Real Estate industry giving the customer control of the ordering process.

Our goal of providing real value and service has seen us achieve great success, broadening our horizons and solidifying PropertyBrochures.com.au as the market leader.


PropertyBrochures.com.au aim is to develop solutions for the Real Estate Industry to improve profitability for each client. Our commitment is to be the best partner to each Real Estate office, offering forward-looking solutions.

Corporate image is a highly protective part of our customers; PropertyBrochures.com.au ensures the highest consistent standards are met with every order.